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Introducing Conscious Earth

At Plank Seafood Provisions, we're on an endless pursuit to serving incredible seafood dishes while making a positive impact on our oceans. This means we're making better informed decisions on how we source our seafood and meats. Conscious Earth is more than a program with an oath for sustainable practices, it's our commitment to responsibly sourcing our seafood and respecting our Earth's ecosystems, by land and sea.

Use the map below for a real time view of our responsibly caught and raised supply chain. The map shows the geographic region and fishery location where our fish are from, and how it was caught. Look below the map for a full list of seafood options.

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So many seafood selections that are raised and caught responsibly:

Conscious Earth. Happy Oceans.

Conscious Earth is not only our guide in making better decisions across every facet of Plank Seafood Provisions, but we're committed to being purposeful in how we source and create our incredible menu items, and that passion also goes into how we select products and manage our waste.

At the core of Conscious Earth is our partnerships. We've teamed up with some pretty great organizations who are equally as passionate about preserving the Earth as we are. As we continue to gain knowledge, we'll be able to make the best possible choices for our restaurants, and our planet. We understand that being more sustainable isn't a destination, rather, it's an endless pursuit to improve how we operate and how we influence others to make more earth-conscious decisions. And together, we can make our oceans and land better than when we started.

When you choose to dine with us, you're helping us transform the industry.

Responsibly Caught.

Humanely Raised.

Mindful of Earth.

Partner Spotlight: Seafood Watch®

Seafood Watch empowers consumers and businesses to make informed choices using a comprehensive ratings system that indicates which seafood items are “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” or best to “Avoid”.

Best Choice: These options are caught or farmed using highly sustainable practices that avoid overfishing and respect natural habitats and other wildlife.

Good Alternative: These options are caught or farmed sustainably, but with some areas for improvement.

Avoid: These seafood options are overfished or caught/farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment.

Plank Seafood's commitment is to serves seafood that meets “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” standards.

Why We Do It

At Flagship Restaurant Group, we are committed to promoting responsible sourcing and improving animal welfare across our supply chain. We recognize the importance of ethical treatment of animals and are working closely with our suppliers and partners to promote transparency and drive positive change in animal welfare practices. Our Conscious Earth initiative covers various aspects of animal welfare, including the avoidance of antibiotics/hormones, sustainable fishing practices, and responsible sourcing of meat and poultry. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the environment, animal welfare, and the communities we serve. We believe sustainability is the most vital ingredient to great food.

What We Do

  • Strengthen our commitment to animal welfare by updating our Conscious Earth policy to ensure it reflects the latest best practices and industry standards.
  • Promote transparency and accountability by working with our suppliers to ensure that all of our ingredients are sourced responsibly and meet our strict standards for ethical treatment of animals.
  • Reduce our environmental impact by sourcing more plant-based ingredients and promoting sustainable fishing practices.
  • Educate our customers and employees about our commitment to animal welfare and the steps we are taking to promote sustainability and ethical sourcing.
  • Continuously monitor and improve our animal welfare practices ensuring we are meeting our goals and making a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare.

How & When It Happens

We believe sustainability is the most vital ingredient to great food. The following goals outline our current practices and future goals to becoming a leader in selecting only Earth-friendly seafood, meat, poultry and eggs:

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